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I am a practicing artist-graphic designer currently engaged in a variety of cultural, social, political, and ecological projects. At present, I am based in Montreal, Canada.

Having lived in three continents, six countries and nine cities, each new place brings new meaning that needs making sense of. It is for this reason that my work focuses on the meaning of "home", with the act of “homemaking” and “homeunmaking” being an integral part of each relocation. This process, expands my vision of “home” from the personal to the broader eco-social and political.


My artwork includes a variety of everyday symbols and metaphors connected with “home”, such as the body, household objects, topographical maps, nature and packaging materials. They allow me to look at “home” from diverse perspectives. As I explore the material, metaphorical and spiritual dimensions of “home,” I become aware of her layered contradictions – how freedom is both provided and taken away, and how the possibility of separation but also connectedness is generated. This fluid dichotomy intrigues me and inspires me to navigate that in-between space, to find reconciliation and belonging within the contradictions.


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BSC. Applied Science, Major in Communications & Certificate of Liberal Arts

Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC, Canada



BFA Graphic Design

Academy of Art College, San Francisco, CA, USA



Independent Studio Program

Vancouver Island School of Art, Victoria, BC, Canada

To view my graphic design work, kindly visit

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